Monday, October 1, 2007

Living with difference is like taking the bus

I travel with difference everyday:

- a girl with a hijab sat in front of me;
- white, black, red, yellow - name the skin-color label, was in the bus today;
- toddler, adolescent, grown-up, senior - all of them were in the bus with me;

- a woman in a wheelchair, also in front of me today.

We travel together by bus, but we never interact. Just like living in a multicultural society. Living with difference - we learned to tolerate, we no longer stare. But we keep our distance. We observe, but we don't dare to push the limits of our own labels.

Photo credits: qmonic.


Liviu said...

Practice whatever religion you want, ask for whatever cultural holydays you want, wear whatever you want, speak whatever language you want, eat whatever you want, watch whatever you want, read whatever you want and so on. But, do not interact, do not share, … do not disturb.
The right of being different, the right of being singled out, the right of being clearly indentified as an alien.

thinking about difference said...

something like this. not that i'd want to interact with anyone in the bus, but sometimes i wonder why we live in a multicultural society if we remain closed and refuse to open up and challenge our own beliefs, habits, norms, dishes, scents etc. etc.

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