Monday, November 26, 2007

Women in higher education

As I was reading Ariel Levy's intriguing book Female Chauvinist Pigs, I came across some dates which were quite disturbing. Like the fact that the first female graduate student enrolled in Princeton University only in 1961. That's only a little more than a decade before I was born. By that time, my mother was studying hard to apply to university.

Here's some more dates:
  • 1877 - first woman enrolled in the Medical Department at the University of Michigan
  • 1880 - Queen's University admitted the first three female undergrads in medicine
  • 1881 - Dalhousie University admits female undergrads, followed by McGill in 1884 and University of Toronto in 1885. However, even if women were allowed to write admission exams at University of Toronto, they were not allowed to attend lectures...
  • 1895 - University of Western Ontario admits the first female undergrad
  • 1902 - a woman applying for admission at Universite Laval is rejected because of her gender, although she had a Phd from University of Minnesota...
  • 1960s - first women become tenured faculty members at University of Toronto
  • 1920 - first woman to earn an architectural degree from University of Toronto
  • 1929 - first woman to graduate from aeronautical engineering, University of Toronto

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