Thursday, January 22, 2009

On First Ladies and First Gentlemen

What wore Michelle Obama? Is she:

...ready to assume the role of both first lady and fashion icon... (Globe and Mail, January 21, 2009)

Oh, the joys of being a woman... of having the world looking up to you just to check out the latest fashion trends... That must truly be what all women in the world aspire to: to reach the top and be scrutinized for their sense of fashion.

Quite on the contrary, those boring men whose wives - by some paradoxical twist of nature - end up at the top, are making it clear that they are of "no interest" to the public, as Joachim Sauer (none other than Angela Merker's spouse) pointed out. In fact, Mr. Sauer is an university professor (again, what's Michelle Obama's profession... hm, my brain didn't bother to register that rather useless information, after all, she is a woman...), who - imagine that!:

... is so allergic to publicity that he didn't bother to attend her inauguration in 2005. While she was being sworn in as arguably the world's most powerful woman, he was hunkered down in his chemistry lab in Berlin, though government officials insist he did tune in to watch the ceremony on television. (Washington Post, June 2007)

When in public, Mr. Sauer is 'entertaining' the wives of other EU leaders. Der Spiegel online didn't give us any details of Mr. Sauer's sense of fashion (is he a true fashion icon? is he setting the standards of male fashion in Europe?), but it did emphasize that Mr. Sauer was "an authority in the field of quantum chemistry".

Go, girls, go!

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