Monday, May 12, 2008

When men get a day off, they drink beer...

Follow-up to my previous post, "For Easter, women have to cook": annoyed that women get a day off to cook, some started advocating for a day off for men. And what are men supposed to do with it? According to the poster on the left, drink beer, of course - "It is your right to be free for your day off". But free from what - or, as we shall see, from whom?

The cleverly designed initiative is sponsored by one of the Romanian beer brands, Bergenbier. With posters, commercials and even a website, the campaign has created a rhetorical place and universe of rights for the 'Romanian men': women (any other except wife and mother-in-law), booze and soccer. Unlike women, when men get a day off they waste it on beer, on socializing with other men in the pub, and generally having fun in a very masculine way, like pushing buttons, getting a lover, or leaving the 'tail' (the wife...) at home to get a beer (read more - in Romanian - here). Cannot bother them with taking the kid out for a walk, changing a diaper, or - god forbids! - cleaning the table, washing the dishes or cooking!

Enjoy the commercial below. For those who don't speak Romanian, the ladies are looking for the spare tire (of course, women cannot change their own tire in Romania!) and when they finally find it, they realize they also need a jack (you know women, never think big...). The conclusion: get it done by yourself, men have a day off... (stupid me, i thought a day off means a day off from work, but they actually meant a day off from women...).

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Carina said...

A day off from women, but also from work :)

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